Why is Let’s Move! holding the Communities on the Move Video Challenge?

Let’s Move! launched the Communities on the Move Video Challenge to mark the initiative’s two-year anniversary and engage faith-based, community, and other non-profit organizations in highlighting their efforts to reduce childhood obesity. Our goal is to recognize the great efforts that have been made over the past two years and help recruit new organizations to participate.

Let’s Move Faith and Communities supporters have hosted congregational walks, planted community gardens, and worked collaboratively to establish safe routes to school. They’ve brought nutrition education to community kitchens and exercise programs to congregations. They have been on the front lines of guiding people in communities across the country to live healthier lives.

What are the criteria for the winning submissions?

The panel of judges will select the winners based on the following three criteria:

  1. Quality of the Idea: Video must convey at least one of the three Let’s Move! areas of interest: (1) healthy eating, (2) physical activity, and/or (3) access to healthy affordable food. Submissions that connect to multiple areas of interest are especially encouraged. The video should also have a clear connection to the mission of Let’s Move!. The idea or program highlighted in the video should be creative, and should involve a collective group effort focused on the wellness of children. At some point in the video Contestant’s must direct viewers to www.letsmove.gov for more information.
  2. Communication of the Idea: Video should include content that is compelling and instructive. The video should also (1) offer clear visual and audio quality, (2) encourage team-building and collaboration, and (3) not compromise the health or safety of the video participants.
  3. Potential Impact of the Idea: The idea or program represented in the video should be replicable by other entities, and adaptable to a variety of settings and resource levels. The idea or program represented in the video should be sustainable, and support positive behaviors to reduce childhood obesity. The video should include personal accounts (for example, testimonials, success stories, or individual reports) conveying how the idea or program highlighted has impacted health and wellness.

Submissions that contain inappropriate content or consist of someone else’s work will be disqualified. Please see the Official Rules for further details.

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

The Communities on the Move Video Challenge is open to faith-based institutions, community-based institutions and other non-profit organizations that, at the time of entry, are domiciled and organized in the United States. Government and for-profit entities, individuals, and teams of individuals are not eligible.

Any public K-12 schools, charter schools, state universities, or land grant universities are considered government entities, and are not eligible. However, student groups within these entities are eligible.

Private schools, e.g. a catholic high school or university, are not part of the public school system, so will not be considered government entities. A private school can participate, as long as (1) it is a not-for-profit entity, and (2) it is a faith-based or community-based institution.

For details on eligibility, review the Official Rules.

Do adults have to sign the Video Image Release form?

Video Image Release forms are required for everyone who appears in the video, regardless of age. If your video features children (minors under 18), a parent or legal guardian must sign the release form.

Are Video Image Release forms required for every person who appears in a crowd in the video?

A signed Video Image Release is required for any individual who is identifiable in the crowd. As long as you can't identify an individual, you should be OK.

How do I enter?

To enter, you must do the following:

  1. Create an account on Communities.Challenge.gov or log in with an existing ChallengePost account.
  2. On Communities.Challenge.gov, click “Accept this challenge” to register your interest in participating. This step ensures that you will receive important challenge updates.
  3. Create a video and make sure it meets the following requirements (please read the Official Rules for complete requirements):
    -Your video describes the program activities of a faith-based, community, or other non-profit organization to improve the wellness of children. The organization can operate at the national or local level.
    -Your video focuses on one or more of the following: efforts to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and/or access to healthy, affordable food.
    -Your video directs viewers to www.letsmove.gov for more information.
    -Your video is no shorter than one minute and no longer than three minutes.
  4. Confirm that you have read and agreed to the Official Rules. Submit your video by including a link to the video on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com, a text description of the organization’s program described in the video (300 words or less), and a transcript of the dialogue in the video. Upload a file including Video Image Release forms for everyone who appears in your video, regardless of age, and a Video Copyright Release form for the person who took the video footage.

What format or file type should I use for my submission?

  • Your video should be uploaded to YouTube.com or Vimeo.com. Paste the link in the Video field on the submission page.
  • Enter a text description of the program highlighted in the video on the Enter a Video form. The text description should be no more than 300 words in length.
  • In the Video Transcript field, paste a text transcript of all the words that are spoken or sung in your video.
  • To submit Video Image Release and Video Copyright Release forms, you must first print out the forms and have them signed by hand — typed names will not be accepted as signatures. Scan your signed forms and combine them into one file (ZIP, PDF, doc; any single file). Upload one file on the submission page.

Can I use the Let’s Move! logo?

Guidance on using the Let’s Move! logo can be found here and must be followed.

How does public voting work?

Visitors to the site can vote for as many submissions as they like, but no more than once per day for a single submission. At the end of the public voting period, the votes will be tallied and verified to determine the Popular Choice Award winner.

What will Let’s Move!, USDA, HHS, and ChallengePost do with my submission?

Let’s Move!, USDA, HHS, ChallengePost, and partners who have agreed to post videos, will have the right to display, link to, and publicize your submission on their websites. They will also be allowed to publicize your name in connection with the submission and the challenge.

How should we enter as an organization and how will the prizes be awarded?

You should enter your organization’s video using a ChallengePost account with the organization name and an email address for a point of contact for your submission. Prizes will be awarded to organizations, and it will be up to the winning organizations and their representatives to allocate the prize appropriately.

Can we enter more than one submission?

An organization may submit more than one video; however, each video must describe a different program or activity. If an organization submits multiple videos that are substantially similar and describe the same program or activities, Let’s Move! and ChallengePost reserve the right to require the organization to choose one to enter to the competition.

How do I follow the Communities on the Move Video Challenge and get updates?

Sign up on the challenge website and click “Follow” or “Accept this challenge” to receive email updates. Follow us on Twitter: @letsmove and use the hashtag #communities

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Communities on the Move Video Challenge?

Email us at support@ChallengePost.com and put “Communities on the Move” in the subject line.