Michelle Obama Announces Let’s Move! Video Challenge


Watch the First Lady's complete speech marking the Second Anniversary of Let’s Move!


Inspire others to join Let’s Move! and reverse the trend of childhood obesity!

Tell us how your organization has worked to improve the wellness of children. The program activities you highlight can be conducted at the national or local level and can involve promoting any or all of the following: healthy eating, physical activity or access to healthy, affordable food. Be sure to show how a congregation(s) or community(ies) was affected by your program.

Learn More about Let’s Move!

Not sure if your organization’s programs are connected to Let’s Move!?

Video Requirements

Please see the Official Rules for complete guidelines and requirements. Here is a summary of the key requirements:

  • Videos must show a clear connection to Let’s Move and describe how the organization entering has worked to improve the wellness of children in congregation(s) or community(ies).
  • Videos must focus on topics in one or more of the three areas of interest: healthy eating, physical activity, and access to healthy, affordable food. Videos that address all of these areas are especially encouraged.
  • At some point in the video, the video must direct viewers to www.letsmove.gov for more information.
  • A video must be no shorter than one minute and no longer than three minutes. Videos that do not meet these time requirements will not be considered in the judging process.
  • Submissions must include a text description, no more than 300 words in length, of the program highlighted in the video.
  • Submissions must also include a transcript of the video’s dialogue.
  • A Submission must be made on behalf of the organizations whose activities and programs are being described. Prizes will be awarded to the organization. For details on eligibility, review the Official Rules.
  • All individuals who appear in the video (regardless of age) must complete and sign the Video Image Release form. If children under the age of 18 appear in the video, each child’s parent or guardian must fill out and sign the form. The individual who created the video must complete and sign the Video Copyright Release form. Signatures must be handwritten and scanned release forms should be combined into one file and uploaded to the challenge site.


  • The video cannot have been submitted previously in a promotion or contest of any kind.
  • The video should not include any personal identification information about those in the video (e.g., name, address, social security number, etc.)
  • The video must comply with the Official Rules.

Videos that do not meet these requirements will not be eligible to enter the competition. The posting of videos is at the discretion of the judges; there is no guarantee that all submissions will be posted on the challenge website.

Video Resources

The following resources can help you produce your video:

Use your webcam to record a video on YouTube
Digital video tips from O’Reilly Media
Video tutorials from MediaCollege.com