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Music Copyrights

I noticed that some of the videos have copy right protected music in them. Is anyone allowed to do that or do you need privileges from the producers to do it? Because I have a video I want to put together regarding childhood obesity on youtube but I don't have original music.


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    The rules said that videos must not break copyright laws, that they must be in English, and that they must not show trade names. Is there some reason why these rules were not enforced?

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    Hi folks,

    The Rules require that Submissions be in English. We allowed videos with spoken languages other than English, provided they included subtitles in English, making them compliant with the rules. This was applied consistently to all contestants and allowed programs that work with communities of non-English speakers to highlight their great work and participate in the competition.

    On the issue of copyrights/trademarks, we also applied the rules consistently. In some cases contestants have license to use copyrighted material or their usage is consistent with "fair use" in a non-commercial educational context.


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