Macedonia on the Move

WINNER: First Prize

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church of Eatonville, FL. has flourished as a leader on health initiatives impacting Central Florida. Macedonia’s Health Ministry has devised a multigenerational approach to motivate families and communities to take an active role in striving for optimal health and living life to the fullest.

Youth health programs at Macedonia are creative and fun with an emphasis on prevention, education, physical activity, nutrition, gardening, and group motivation. Parents and church leaders serve as role models leading by example and engaging in various activities that promote health.

Fit with Faith is a weekly exercise program that engages the entire family. The class incorporates stretching, toning, and cardiovascular exercises that can be modified for all ages and fitness levels.

Zumba Fitness has proven to be very popular among the youth. The class incorporates coordinated dance movements and has been extremely effective in keeping youth active.

A variety of outdoor activities are incorporated into Fitness Boot Camps. Youth participate in group exercises, field games and sports which generate an atmosphere of competitive excitement.

Educating on how to make healthier food choices has been essential in changing eating habits for the entire family. Cooking classes emphasize the importance of reading food labels, portion control and eating well balanced meals. Parents and youth also enjoy the hands on experience of preparing a nutritious meal.

As a founding church of Our Whole Community, a collaboration of nine local churches, Macedonia has been instrumental in developing community gardens. 20% of the crops harvested in the gardens are donated to local charity making fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to families in need.

Community collaborations with Florida Hospital and the Winter Park Health Foundation have contributed to the success of achieving programs and health initiatives that are sustainable.

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