100 Citizens: Role Models for the Future

WINNER: Popular Choice Award

“100 Citizens: Role Models for the Future” reflects what our collaborative group, City of San Fernando Partnership for Healthy Families believes; ending childhood obesity within a generation begins at home with the family. We have to work with the adults, the parents and grandparents to establish a healthier lifestyle so they can teach their children how to be physically active and eat healthier. Our children can’t do it on their own. There is no better way to have our adults understand than by being involved and feel the difference it makes in their lives. They become the role models. We do this through free physical activity programming and culturally appropriate nutrition demonstrations. It has worked. The 100 Citizens program, a fitness workout in the city’s public park, has run continuously since June 2011 with exercise stations staffed by Kinesiology student volunteers educated in the delivery and benefits of physical activity. The program now includes Zumba, body sculpting, seniors, and cycle spinning which the parks charge a small fee to help program expansion. HOWEVER, the basic fitness class always will be a popular free option. The Partnership resonates with the citizens because they understand the city cares to bring education and outside resources to help them live healthier lives and transmit this to their children. The public park is free and the activity is visible which is the best marketing … people moving, the class costs nothing and most importantly, the kids see adults having fun being active. 100 Citizens is contagious. 24 Hour Fitness donated 40 spinning bikes because they recognize the value being offered and wanted to make their contribution. 100 Citizens is replicable having spawned 4 more free 100 Citizens programs serving as role models for the future. They’re teaching their kids!

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