Drama and Movement Team of Flint Northwestern

The purpose for Drama and Movement is to provide students an opportunity to participate in physical activity on a regular 60 minute basis and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to incorporate fitness as a part of their daily routine.

The components that have been integrated into this class center around health and nutrition education, physical education, staff and community involvement and individualized physical and nutritional plans.

Our goal is to support First Lady Michelle Obama and the ‘Let’s Move Initiative launched in 2010. The campaign and task force provided so much alarming information about obesity in this country, that as educators we felt compelled to assist in this cause.

Although our resources are limited, we knew between our knowledge of dance and creative movement we could create a class that could provide access to and opportunities for physical activities after school and develop partnerships with other sectors for the purpose of linking youth with physical activity.

Since the onset of establishing Drama and Movement, our class consists of thirty young men and women, staff and alumni. Our class is open to the community and we have visitors that join us on a regular basis.

The students are excited and they have figured out that exercise can be an enjoyable experience.

The Drama and Movement Team of Northwestern will not stop fighting the battle against obesity until every young person has an opportunity to “MOVE.”

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