Inwood Community Services and the LMFC Move Video Challenge

The video presentation begins with an introduction to Inwood Community Services and the needs that have to be met in the community for children.

Inwood’s Unit Director has interest in working with “Let’s Move” because childhood obesity is an epidemic in the community and an immediate solution is necessary.

Inwood connected with Master Karate Todd to implement innovative activities that will get kids moving to engage fitness and being healthy.

Master Karate Todd, cleverly combines music, colorful animation and live action to motivate children to get off the couch and exercise!

This is demonstrated with kids in the video practicing karate moves with the animated characters teaching on a large screen.

Kids learn to bow with respect and learn honor.

They also learn nutrition and green energy, while simultaneously learn to be more confident, disciplined and focused from the instructional workout DVD!

Most importantly, all of the lessons learned from MKT with children register as enjoyment for children not a philosophical teaching or lecture. They are having fun the whole time they are learning!

The video continues to show the effectiveness of getting kids active. Their enjoyment is expressed on their faces after earning their achievement certificates for active participation.

Parents who attended the event expressed happiness and satisfaction with their testimonials. Several children give testimony as well. All of the children had fun with a new experience.

The instructional DVD creates new instincts and experiences. Expanding this program by collaborating with local organizations will make a huge impact for the City of New York and connecting with larger organizations can replicate and reach kids across America!

The video ends by honoring “Let’s Move” and the web-site and the “Let’s Move” titled song is played throughout the video.

Try it out